Me, on the rooftop of a temple in Penang, Malaysia.

I'm glad you dropped by. Pull up a chair; fetch a cup of tea or a beer; make yourself at home. You'll find pages about my travelling, with photos of course; some of my writing and my thoughts about it; a bit about me; and links to my blog and email. If you want to buy books, you'll find the links here. That should be enough to fill your time while your tea gets cold.

Don't rush off - just because you can't find links to the books on this front page doesn't mean there aren't treasures if you linger on another page or two. The site has had a recent face-lift, moving the 'please buy my book' section to its own page. I've had much more fun writing other sections of this site it felt duplicitous to keep the marketing on the front page. (Will this affect my book sales? How will I know?).

If I've alarmed frequent visitors, I apologise.

I've also updated some of the other pages - there are plenty of photographs and an extract from the new book about Cuba on the travel writing page (follow the Writing Pages link).

I try to update the blog on Mondays (there's a link on the sidebar), if you want my recent ramblings. I'm off to the Far East again this winter: I fly to Bangkok and six weeks later I come home from Singapore. In between - well, anything could happen!

Do drop by and 'like' me on Facebook, maybe join in a chat or two. Or occasionally you can find me twittering.

Please - if you have thoughts about the site, ideas for other things you'd like me to include, do let me know. You can send me a message via the 'contact me' page.